Joseph played Division 1 baseball at Long Island university, he excelled in both athletics and academics and he graduated with a bachelors degrees in sports science. After working for the FDNY, Joseph used his training and skills he learned in both his athletic and professional careers to help jumpstart his own businesses. Since then he has owned and operated other successful endeavors, employing hundreds of people and becoming a pillar in the industry for doing things the right way. Josephs leadership and management skills are unmatched but his true passion lies with helping others overcome obstacles in their lives to create better futures.


Cody was born and raised in Danville, VA and went on to become a graduate at Virginia Tech in Finance.  After working in the finance industry for a few years in Connecticut, he then moved to NYC to pursue a career with music and acting.  During this transition, he discovered another aspect of life that had been somewhat important but never prevalent; fitness.  Starting at Intrepid Gym in Hoboken, he began coaching group fitness classes and then starting a Personal Training Business.  Since 2012, he has been helping 100’s of members and clients achieve fitness goals and overall health improvement.  Incorporating all sorts of aspects into a healthy lifestyle, he began to research into help with recovery and discovered yet another passion; CBD.  Since, he has been an active user and educator, trying to get the good news out to as many people as possible.  He’s applied his creativity and ingenuity to all avenues of fitness and has learned how to work with anyone and promoting the best business practices.


Tom was born and raised in Monroe, NY. He was a multi-sport athlete who went onto play baseball at Caldwell University and graduate with a B.S in Finance and Economics. Tom then went on to play professional baseball for the New Jersey Jackals. After baseball, he became a successful financial advisor, building lifelong relationships, helping families and businesses achieve financial freedom. His passion for fitness and helping others is what brings him into the CBD world. Like millions struggling with anxiety, it was an everyday battle for him. It wasn’t until his fiancé brought CBD into his life did his world change, relief! CBD has given Tom the ability to make the most out of everyday and is now a staple in his very active lifestyle. Wanting the same for family, friends and strangers, Wholly Health was born.